Tuesday, September 13, 2016

'Intelligent" Modern Christian Woman

The "intelligent" christian woman is an oxymoron of sorts in itself.  The fact is, most times christian women are not portrayed as being intelligent in the media. We are not portrayed as being complex characters with wants and needs that are mildly ambiguous or multi dimensional.
Or are these not adjectives that should be used to describe  a christian woman?  

Perhaps I should choose only descriptions from Proverbs 31.

However when I analyze the description, I do think the Proverbs 31 woman IS intelligent, driven and ambitious, or maybe that’s what I would like to thinkBut why are we not portrayed like that? And why do we not find representations of ourselves like that even in christian media?

Maybe I am not looking hard enough.  

Personally,  I have struggled with my somewhat unorthodox approach and pattern of thinking that tends to see the negatives. What everyone else sees  as excellent or moving is borderline mediocre and boring to me. Granted I am not that person who is “full of spice and everything nice.” I’m more like a coconut,  with the sweetness exposed after cracking the hard shell. I also think its an underlying arrogance within me that I am more aware of and I am working on to change. This is a sin the God particularly detest. James 4 vs 6

However I haven't been challenged to grow with what Christian  media has offered to women. Nor am I overly inspired by it. Maybe I have not done my homework and not searched for thought provoking christian female centered media.

Yes I am spiritual but I don’t want to be spiritual all the time. I want to read a magazine that deals with spiritual warfare  but also has an article about the woman making it her life's mission to provide clean water in Africa. Or where I could get the best Mac makeup deals. Or style choices for date night. Or the story of the unsung single woman (another blog for another day.) .

I think stories like this do not exist or if they do I can't  find them or I am not looking hard enough.  
Or if they do exist I can’t  find them all in the same place.
I have not fully worked  it out in my head. My questions are ...
Who is the intelligent Christian woman.
What does she read?
What does she want to see more in the media ?
How does she feel?
How do I strike the right balance between spirituality and frivolity?
Is it wrong she wants to spiritually grow in God and that she also knows Princess Riri has a new album out?

Intelligent christian woman is almost a misnomer.
Does it even exist in pop culture?
Are we ever portrayed as multi faceted women with many interests viewpoints and opinions? Are we ever portrayed as powerful.

Or are we portrayed as mousy women with no opinions, whose favorite pastime is to have our head buried in a bible.

Are we portrayed as women who hurt? Who bleed? Who are hurt by our christian and non christian brothers alike. Who have assistant boyfriends and associate boyfriends when we are not supposed to. Who fall? Who sin ? Who get back up again?  Who are feminist? Or is christian feminist a misnomer? Who are passionate about something? About anything? Who have dreams aspirations goals outside of getting married. I believe christian woman are a sum of different parts.

I have struggled with the definition of the intelligent modern christian woman. Maybe because I  have been guilty of having a one dimensional view  and unrealistic view  of the ideal  Christian woman myself. An extremely holy, perfect, fire brand type of woman whose wants, needs, desires and life revolves around God, the church and family.

I do know that I have seen a singular story told for the christian woman not necessarily by the christian woman.

I haven't been particularly consistent with blogging at eniolaprentice writes. I have found every excuse under the sun, valid and invalid to excuse my lack of blogging. I have to decided to go in a new direction and at the same time be committed to blogging.

To share the stories of these powerful strong women of God  I know exist on my new blog Christian Power Girl.  To write the multifaceted stories we should talk about. To write even fluff lifestyle  pieces that any christian woman  can relate with and laugh about before she heads for work.

 To celebrate women making the proverbial appearance before the king even in the smallest steps and trusting God that they will not be killed.

Believing that God will catch them when they fall.

I chose the name Christian Power Girl, because I would like to think of the modern christian woman as me,  a reformed rebel  and flawed lover of God that sometimes does not realize her own power.

I would like to think someone other woman can relate to that.

I have decided to live fearless...
Write what you want to see and stop thinking about it.