Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jesus is not a Republican

The presidential debate last night was a fiasco. Hilary was probably thinking how did I get into a debate with this orange cheeto burrito turned reality tv star.

Side note: Its actually ironic the republican party was the party that supported abolition of slavery. How times have changed. * Shakes virtual head*

 Donald Trump or " The Donald" as some call him is entertaining. He has always been brash, blunt, sexist, racist, bully. I would break into peals of laughter when he dealt with one of the contestants on The Apprentice. I also broke into peals of laughter when he first ran for president.  I was laughing at the beginning of the republican presidential debate. As you may have guessed, I have stopped laughing. Now I am petrified. Petrified that the "blacks" will be rounded up and sent to concentration camps to keep "law and order" a la the  Japanese after the Pearl Harbor Attacks.

I genuinely do not understand people that insist on a 3rd party candidate, or insist that they will write in their candidate. People that despise Hilary so much that they don't care if America is handed over to an over bleached Cheeto. I believe this harshness stems from the fact that she is a woman. She hasn't not done anything worse than another fellow male politician. Lied, check done by male counterparts. Cheated, check done by male counterparts. I am not excusing her, but please I don't understand why people put politicians on a moral pedestal they are not worthy off.

To be honest, I understand  how Trumps appeal to his base. He does not sound like a politician and prides himself on not sounding like a politician.  He played that "insider" vs "outsider" card during the debate and I believe it worked for him and his base. Notwithstanding, you cannot allow this man to run one of the most powerful nations on earth. My biggest concern with Trump is not the qualities I expounded upon earlier. My biggest problem is his limited attention span. This man will get bored with running a country. Best case scenario, he leaves the big decisions to "reasonable" trusted advisers and goes of to do whatever entertains him.

 I implore every one who can vote to vote and understand that if you vote for anyone other than Trump or Hilary, you have voted for Trump. If you dont vote then you also may have voted for Trump. PLEASE DONT STAY HOME. ARMAGEDDON IS ON OUR DOOR STEPS.

Now that the PSA is out of the way...I am a big believer in the separation of church and state. I disagree with religious leaders trying to influence the votes of their congregation. or urge them to vote for a certain candidate as  God's candidate.

There is no Godly candidate.

Most politicians in my opinion are morally bankrupt, politics itself is characterized by manipulations and machinations. It is rarely a Godly field. When christian religious leaders recommend a candidate,its usually the Republican party who have cemented themselves as the christian evangelical anti abortion party. Donald Trump is the only candidate where I have seen  a breaking away from the norm of just voting Republican blindly. Some evangelicals cant even stomach Trump. You cannot vote republican and close your eyes to the negative ideals that you are voting for. Would Christ vote for a party that perpetuates elitist systematic racism and favors the rich above the poor. In the same token would he vote for a party that believes that abortion is okay, or does not defend the sanity of marriage.  We have very two flawed political parties. One is not a Godly party vs the other. Both candidates  will say what is necessary to appeal to their base and secure votes.  The pulpit has immeasurable influence and power over the congregations minds and so religious leaders should be cognizant of that. I sometimes feel the Republican Christian leaning ideals are highlighted while the unpopular ideals are down played. As an immigrant, I find it difficult to vote for a party that supports every policy that supports kicking me out of the county.

Notwithstanding, can we have a candidate that is truly anointed  by God, and is Godly. Sure....Yes...
 Maybe....However I want to make the choice of voting by myself with my own God given brain. National politics and church, in my mind is like good and evil.  It makes me uncomfortable when its brought into church which many consider a sanctuary.

Church is not the place for politicking.

Granted, the civil rights movements did stem from the church and it can be a powerful tool if used correctly, ;however, I have not seen it being used correctly in recent times.

Until next time folks
Live Fearless !

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