Monday, November 30, 2015

The demise of empire

Please does anyone still watch empire. Unfortunately I used to.
Was it a slightly melodramatic soap operish show that did not take its safe too seriously ? Yes
Was it in line with reality? Nope, but no one wants to watch a show about real life anyway

But it wasn't a low tier Telemundo telenovela.  

As in!!!

I have been giving the show chance after chance. saying to myself that it would get better but it HAS not.

The whole premise of the show was the family jostling to be the Head Lyon in charge. With kitty boo child (his new wife, i forget her name) thrown in the mix with cookie and the three sons, it was a compelling show to watch albeit I didn't take it seriously. I was drawn to the drama.

For the second season, everyone has individual story lines that don't weave so seamlessly together.
If season 1 of empire was like season 2, I tell ya it wont be the hit it is today.

The writing  medium hasn't changed. Empire writers, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
Good writing compels very busy people who could be using their time more productively to watch your show.

Na I cant no more. I can find the cure for cancer with that time.
turns TV and walks out…….

That is until I watch the promos for next season and I am drawn back again.

If I trusted God like I trust these tv shows which I keep giving chances to.
Abraham the father of faith would have nothing on me.

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