Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Now lets talk about Kim Kardashian

Every media outlet, new paper, blog and pop culture medium is talking about Mrs. West and her nude pics. You can't escape it, even if you tried.  If you are on any form of social media you will probably come across the very interesting picture . Heck you can't escape it if you live in the United States of America.
I don't particularly dislike Kim Kardashian nor do I like her either. To me, she’s like a mildly entertaining circus performer, like background noise of the television while you surf the internet on your laptop. She’s not supposed to taken seriously nor does she act like she is to be taken seriously. I think we  have too much time on our hands and we  give her the attention she craves. What is so shocking about Kim posing nude? With her barely there outfits and increasingly provocative photo shoots, she has left little to the imagination. To be honest, when I actually saw the pictures, I yawned. Quite frankly I had seen it before. Its not like Michelle Obama decided to pose nude or Malala Yousafzai or even the everyday woman who manages to work  a 9 to 5 job, keeps a home and also 
has a side business decided to pose nude.  

Then that would be something.

We as a society gives Kim K this attention. This is exactly what keeps her relevant. If she released the picture and  no one even bothered to blog, tweet or even criticize her about it, she would think twice before doing so again. But alas my blog post is an oxymoron, by writing this I am feeding into her social media machine. The last person on the planet who is blissfully unaware of the pictures  will click on my post, probably google the pics, giving her name more hits on the internet and help fulfill the obnoxious  #breaktheinternet hashtag.  
I believe as a society we have lost our moral core. I believe we have lost sight of what is wrong or right . Most importantly there are no role models for anyone to look up to. I am honestly speaking to myself . I do watch the Kardashian shows on E! not religiously  but for background entertainment. In some ways I am also fueling the Kim K machine. I am part of the problem I watch her because pop culture interests me. 
Kim K is a passing fancy, no matter how famous she is, she will not live an everlasting legacy.Ss her former bff Paris Hilton waned in popularity, so will she.
So I ask myself why do I waste my precious limited time on her or her brand?
Maybe its time to really keep that promise to myself and read about someone that did live an everlasting legacy you like  maybe Jesus, Esther…….
Why am I writing about her again?

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