Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's in a name?

  1. 1.
    a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer

When I was thinking of a pen name for my novel  I wanted a name that encapsulated who I was and where I was in life. Something easy to remember and pronounce. So I went through a couple of  names that I thought were "sexy"  and that  my potential readers would understand Sorry , sue me. Sexiness is very important. LOL. Cardoso, Rhodes-Vivour, Peters were names that occurred to me. Then I realized these names did not mean anything to me . They were simply random.

Although I chose Prentice on a whim, it meant something to me.

I feel/ will always feel like I am Gods' apprentice. I am always learning and He is never to tired to teach me, scold me or admonish me. There are so many conceptions I had in my mind about publishing my book , my medical  career  and certain things in my life 2 years ago that have changed . Now my former rigid point of view is actually funny .  When God changed them  I wonder why I thought that way in the first place.

Being in a profession with never ending examinations AND re-examinations, training and reading I understand there is never going to be a point in life when I am perfect,when I will no longer be the apprentice. Even when I start practicing  I am going to encounter a patient that absolutely  stumps me and I will be back to being the apprentice.

But the apprenticeship of life, with God and his children is never ending, its always being renewed, revamped and redirected by a patient long-suffering God. He puts up with a lot from me....and I even when I get exasperated with myself He doesn't get fed up.

So I am introducing myself as Eniola Prentice,drama Queen, loyal friend, indifferent, reserved, sassy, quirky, sarcastic, funny, quick-witted, analytic medical doctor and writer But most of all an apprentice of Jesus!

In perfect but always learning.


  1. Hey! First time here and I like you already! We are sisters by profession ( I’m doing a fellowship right now) and soooooo understand you about the wahala of medicine. Looking forward to reading more…..

    Ps, thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. thanks for stopping by, I would never have guessed you were in fellowship. Its great to meet another "sister " in medicine

  3. Welcome to blogsville... :)

    You seem like fun, I would def be coming back