Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A house of cards and narcissists

If you are my friend on facebook or blackberry, then you know that I am currently obsessed with the Netflix series House of Cards. Its about Frank Underwood, a democratic majority whip leader  and his wife Claire Underwood. I am obsessed with House of cards because, I have never in my tv-overload-adult viewing life seen such an evil and ruthless  lead character.  I am basically flummoxed .Maybe it’s because Netflix has given us  the ultimate antihero. When  we watch movies, read novels or books we are supposed to root for the protagonist, support their dreams, hurt  when they hurt, laugh when they are happy and scream at them through the  television set or through the bound pages of the book  when they  make foolish decisions. But in House of Cards we have a protagonist that is deliciously wicked. His ruthlessness is both controlled and on impulse.
He will kill you with no hesitation or meticulously plan your demise, whichever one works for him.
It has turned my television or this time internet streaming experience upside down because I am used to rooting for the main character but I find myself conflicted. I know he makes Hitler look like Mary Poppins yet because my brain has been trained to root for the protagonist, I still hope his downright diabolical schemes work. * COVERS HEAD IN SHAME* I remember had the same “crisis” when I first read Gone with the Wind. My  eight year old brain could not grasp that Scarlett O’Hara was selfish, mean and manipulative. However, it provides a much richer and complex viewing experience when things are not so clear cut and PG.
Quite frankly I love it. I like Frank because he is driven and goal orientated and for some reason I absolutely love ruthless characters. I like people who can manipulate situations and people . I admire them because they display superior analytic skills and intelligence.

They think.

I thank God for finding Jesus because honestly I do see certain traits like that in myself. It’s more of an over analytic mind.  I think, think, think , plan and execute.  However nine times out of ten the execution phase is a fail. I guess its Gods way of making me more reliant on him than myself. Of course I would like to think I am not as evil as Frank-Kill-you-without –hesitation Underwood. It brings Proverbs 14 vs 12 to my mind 

There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.
Just because it seems right doesn't mean it is right and it doesn't mean I can or will  get away with it.
It may look glamorous now but Frank Underwood fictional or not will get his on the other side and its not the side with cherubic angels and pearly gates.
In other news, I have an extremely narcissistic and flirtatious  patient in the clinic I work in. He ALWAYS finds a way to remove his shirt, incredible hulk style EVERY TIME I want to take his blood pressure. Today, I was determined to tell him that he didn't have to remove his shirt so I could see his well-defined biceps and solid six pack but did he give me a chance?
Before I could say the word blood pressure, he removed his shirt again. Yeah sure he’s gorgeous but I am a medical professional! I will not fall for such cheap tricks! * flips weave and walks out* 

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