Monday, December 23, 2013

Things I am thankful for-Med school/Work boos

There's always that one person that will always have your heart
You'll never see it comin', 'cause you're blinded from the start
Know that you're that one for me, it's clear for everyone to see
Ooh baby, oh, you will always be my boo (Work boo that is)
Usher - My Boo Lyrics

Those lyrics are dedicated to my one and only  med school boo, Thomas Jacob who is in India right now.  When I told him he was featured in Still, my novel he said and I quote " I hope the character is hot and toasted like me."
 BLANK STARE. My darling Thomas is funny.
Anyway when we were in medical school Thomas was Chief  Webber to my  Bailey from Greys Anatomy. I never had to pay attention to anything! He listened to all the instructions, all the deadlines etc.  He screamed at me to fill out my financial aid forms and urged me to be  more responsible about spending my money. When things got complicated I would basically tune off and say to myself  "I will just do it when Thomas is doing it." When we graduated I actually had to GASP listen to announcements. You don't know how many announcements I have missed since he left.

I realized we all have work boos, someone at work not necessarily of the opposite sex who has your  back,  will look out for you, fight for you and even admonish you when its needed. Work boos are especially important in medical training because it can be difficult and isolating spending the majority of  your time in an environment where you have no friends and you don't feel supported. After my extensive interview season, the most sincere advice I got was, " Go to the program, you feel  the most comfortable and connect with the people. Don't look at the name, prestige or reputation of the program these are all important but equally as important are the people you go to work with everyday.

Even married people have work boos of the opposite sex. Bailey and Chief Webber were pretty close to one another and never crossed professional and personal lines though there's another little show named Scandal written by the same writer so...
Now since I lost Thomas to the west coast, I have two female work boos that look out for me.
Of course no one is comparable to  Thomas

This season instead of being excited about the sniper  sales in express and h&;m that have drained my bank account,  I choose to be  thankful to God for  little things I take for granted.
Jesus  blessed me with the best work boo!
Merry Christmas and happy new year yall!
Be thankful for life and God's sacrifice of his son this season!
Until next time remain B. A. D. D. like that!


  1. Happy New YEAR to you.
    thanks for the visit and comment on my blog. x

  2. Hey! I'm stopping by from Medical Mondays!

    This is so true. I've never really thought about how many work boos I have until now. I'm very thankful for them because I don't know what'd do without them.

  3. So funny! I miss working in an office with coworkers bc those are some of the best friends I ever had of both sexes. Thanks for linking up with medical Mondays!