Sunday, December 29, 2013

The New Year Hype- The Tagline

I am exceedingly grateful to God  for the end if this year and the beginning of the next year, looking forward to publishing my book!!!. God has been good.

Its the end of the year again and honestly I try to keep from rolling my eyes . Keeping in mind that I have made a promise to myself and God to keep this blog positive, I cant help be authentic and throw out a question that ignites discussion and personal growth. Even putting my thoughts on the blog helps me analyze the situation and discover areas I may need to grow. Or areas where I have thought wrongly.

I have been entrenched in the Nigerian church culture all my life  though my relationship with God has not mirrored that consistency. I am at a point where I am tired of the clich√©.

I wonder does every new year need a tag line? Does every year need resolutions that will be forgotten by February? Can I discover that I am deficient in a certain area of my life in November and take steps to correct it  right then?

I look at my walk with God as a marathon, its not the same for everyone but in my case, undergoing Gods processing has taken dogged resilience, determination, patience, shutting down of my feelings and perseverance.  I have come to the conclusion that I  trust God regardless whether its 2013 or 2014 or 2015 and I feel these taglines place unrealistic expectations on the next year. If the goal is to make the brethren expectant for the new year then I guess a tagline serves it purpose that way.

In the context of Proverbs 23:18 - Let not thine heart envy sinners: but be thou in the fear of the LORD all the day long. For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.
There has to be some expectation to be able to receive from God. But I wonder shouldn't that be the life of a believer regardless of whether its a new year or not?

Personally, I used to buy into the hype when I was younger  and I have left the year feeling a little let down. I wonder if its because of my lack of understanding of what exactly God was trying to tell me through his prophets. I have learned the hard way that the new year is what you make of it, make a personal tagline for your own  year and keep it. Admittedly,  I am a little cynical ( I am trying everyday to be less so) , but to me a new year is just that...a new year,with new blessings, new challenges, changes, growth, new friends, old friends  etc. In the same token,  I cannot take God's blessing of another year for granted.

I am at a point where I would like to strike a balance between being expectant for the new year, understanding the real purpose of the tag line and even realizing that GASP its not all about me. Someone in church may have had a really bad 2013 and needs encouragement for a better 2014, someone may have lost all in 2013 and that tagline I scoff  at may be the words they need to not give up on God the next year.

I am writing this post organically and my own AHA moment is that "its not always about me." I may be a gangsta and be able to roll with the punches life gives by the grace of God but that tag line may be an anchor for another person that isn't built like me. Or these tag lines actually mean something to God and its a spiritual deposit for the year. I lack understanding yall but the day I know all things is the day I stop growing.

Anyway tagline or not I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

PS for non Nigerian readers examples of new year tag lines include
2010 Year of greatness
2011 Year of the servant
2012 Year of wealth


  1. Lol, Sometimes (maybe most times) I fail to see and appreciate the importance of yearly tag lines but reading this post just gave me a shift;- "Just because it doesn't seem important to me doesn't mean it isn't another person's anchor".
    Great post.

    PS: Thanks for dropping by on my blog, hope to see more of you there.

  2. Hmmm, This is very thought provoking and balanced. Great post Doc. Wishing u also a prosperous yr ahead.

    PS: Dropped you an an appreciation line on my blog for all d support . cheers!

  3. @ peace thanks, it gave me a shift too. I went from feeling one way to another way
    @ tosin thanks. I am on my way to your blog right now!

  4. Very interesting analyses.
    Is true, the taglines that comes year on year. Kia our niaja church.

  5. Yes,we can notice that we are deficient in one area and make a move to change it in november,I didn't start my weightloss journey in january 2013,I started in july.way beyond d start of d new year.
    But I'v noticed dat having a tagline,one heard frm God wen u spend time in d word makes u know wat 2expect 4d new year,like the word says,God can do exceedingly above wat we ask/think,so we'v got to think it first,we av to expect it. Having a tagline also helps in walking in God's purpose 4ur life dat year,walking in His light and what you expect from him and yes we shud expect,they won't be cut off. And a year is always a good time 2make assesment of where u are,ur goals,whr u are going and all.
    Having said that,it doesn't detract frm the fact that we can mk a tagline even in d middle of d year and take steps 2walk in it and achieve it.
    Happy new year dear. I mentioned u on my appreciation post yesterday,cheers to an awesome 2014!

  6. Having a tagline also helps with knowing God's vision for the season,to every season God has something He wants us to do and when one walks without an understanding of dis vision,u walk blindly.
    I think taglines shouldn't be just there but what we indeed hear from God and walk with for that season-that year.

  7. @ DOK Lol thanks for stopping by
    @ frances when I really thought about it and prayed about it I realized its to guide our prayers and expectations for the next year. I really dont believe God is bound by our human calender but mentally as humans every new year is a new start and God uses that opportunity to guide us

  8. I've kind of thought about this before, but I got to realize that if the tag line is divinely would definitely manifest during that year

    Have a blissful new year dear

  9. I didn't believe in tag lines until last year. I realized that what you pay attention to grows and what you believe in eventually comes to pass. So am hanging on to this year's tag line because I have seen it work before and am sure it will work again. Also, having a personal word from God CANNOT be over emphasized...the Word Works!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, really appreciate it.

  10. @ uje i am taking a step back and I do realize that
    @ dami You know its actually true, I am keeping an open mind and trying to learn and grow each day